I'm lucky to meet so many different people in my work and I love giving them photographs that they will look back on to remember this time in their life. I photograph individuals, families and couples and also work with companies to create imagery that reflects the ethos of their brand. More than anything though I'm passionate about capturing motherhood, the poignant moments and the fleeting everyday ones, the raw, loving, layered and emotional connection between a mother and her child is unlike anything else and I feel so privileged to be there to capture it.

Some years ago I left a career in finance to work in the film industry where I discovered a love for cinematic tones and the craft of storytelling. Working as a photographer now, I bring everything I learnt about narrative, movement and film aesthetics to my photographs. When I had my own children I realised how much more there is to creating these photographs than I thought I knew, from better understanding the beauty and vulnerability of pregnancy to fully appreciating the wonderful but all-consuming early days with a new baby, I started to see different ways I could photograph family lives and the women at their centre. I always look for the off-beat authentic moments in-between styled shots, where the unique nuances of our relationships are found, and look to create warm and intimate images that both tell your story and look beautiful on your walls.

I am a strong advocate for maternal mental health and after getting my masters in documentary photography I also work on long form projects exploring a number of issues including healthcare inequality, birth trauma and postpartum rituals across cultures. I currently have a touring exhibition called That Which Goes Unsaid, Unravels, a documentary and research project exploring the maternal mental health crisis in the UK. 

I live and work in London. Please get in touch below for bookings and commissions.